The Advantages and Disadvantages of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is a great option for a wide variety of structures. It is made up of three layers, including a polyester-reinforced fabric center and a TPO-compound top sleeve. It comes in various thicknesses, and each layer is bonded together with a thermoplastic compound. This process creates a single watertight layer. It is not prone to rotting or mold, but it can develop a small leak, which could eventually lead to larger problems.

tpo roofing

TPO roofs come in many colors, and most people choose a standard color for their roof. However, if the roof has a higher profile, you can choose a premium color, which can cost as much as 15% more per square foot. This is a good choice if you want to enhance the aesthetics of your building. Besides being attractive, TPO does not contain any harmful chemicals, and it is environmentally friendly.

TPO roofing is easy to install. It is easy to apply and remove, and it can be bonded directly to the roof deck. Moreover, it can also be heat-welded around chimneys and other obstacles. The materials are resistant to rust, mildew, and other common contaminants. TPO roofing requires no maintenance other than occasional cleaning. If you follow these tips, your roof will last for years and will look beautiful!

Colors are another option for TPO roofing. Because TPO is a flat roofing material, there is no need to worry about the look of your building. Its bright white color is visible from the ground. Because of this, most people opt for standard colors like white, grey, or tan. Nevertheless, if your roof has a high profile, you can consider a premium color – however, it is important to know that this will cost up to 15% more per square foot.

TPO roofing is easy to install. TPO roofs are easily applied by adhesives. It can also be heat-welded around chimneys. The material is resistant to corrosion, and can be fabricated to any size you need. Furthermore, TPO roofing is easy to maintain. The main disadvantage is that it is not watertight. This is because TPO is made of small pieces and comes in narrow rolls. Because of this, the seams are likely to be loose and could allow water in.

TPO roofing has fewer installers than other types of roofing. Due to its newness, there are fewer experienced TPO roofers. Therefore, hiring someone who is experienced is essential. In addition to a professional installer, a TPO roofer will ensure the highest quality of installation, and he or she will also take the time to properly explain the materials. In addition, he or she will help you decide on the best type of insulation.

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