10 YouTube Video Ideas For When You Don’t Know What To Post

Youtube is a place that is offering jobs to many talented creators in today’s time and age. It has shown people that as long as you are passionate about something, you can make a career out of it.

Hence, a lot of people are starting their channels to hopefully make it their profession one day.

However, with the blessing comes the cost – the creator’s block.

Video creators often run out of ideas for videos. They have a general idea of what the content of their channel pertains to, but everyone blanks out every once in a while. 

To cope with the creator’s block, here is a list of new video ideas to help you stir up your pot of YouTube video ideas.

  1. Vlogs

Vlogs, which stand for video blogs, are the best ways to create videos that require little preparation beforehand. A vlog is supposed to be an update on a Youtuber’s life or a specific event in it.

A vlog will consist of you holding a camera in front of you at all times as you go through your schedule for the day. While the camera is turned on, you can interact with it as if you were directly addressing your audience.

A vlog can also be used for covering events such as weddings or trips to keep your audience engaged while you might not be able to create new content.

  1. Tutorial (a how-to video)

A tutorial is a video that explains the steps involved in a process to your audience. The process depends on what the creator is good at explaining.

It can be anything—even simple things such as effectively making your bed or how to design a poster. Mastery in more complex subjects or hobbies and passions can also help you to create good tutorial videos.

The most common forms of tutorial videos are make-up tutorials, cooking tutorials, assembling tutorials, and many more. There are various channels on Youtube that are wholeheartedly dedicated to making tutorial videos, so you know where to take inspiration from if you are just getting started with it. You can also try adding voiceovers to your tutorial videos using text to voice tools which makes your videos more engaging.

  1. Behind-the-scenes

A behind-the-scenes video (BTS) is a video that aims to give viewers a sneak peek at the backstage scenes of making the videos that the viewers are used to watching on the channel.

A behind-the-scenes video can go through all of the aspects and fine details involved in the creation of the videos. Different channels can have different behind-the-scenes videos depending upon their production processes.

Small one-man channels can give a glimpse of their systems and the YouTube video editor they use for editing videos. Big channels can introduce their various departments and people associated with each team, along with their workstations.

  1. Tour Videos

A tour video is essentially the middle ground between a vlog and a behind-the-scenes video. In such a video, a virtual tour is given to the audience of a specific location. 

The most common tour videos are house tours. In such videos, Youtubers give their viewers a tour of their residence and show what their daily surroundings look like.

The fundamental requirements of tour videos are merely locations that can be shown to viewers. A good video is more dependent on the way the audience experiences the location more than the location itself.

  1. Q&A

A question-and-answer video is where a Youtuber answers the questions viewers have asked in the comment sections of previous videos.

A Q&A video is a unique kind of video, as most of the content is provided by the audience. The creator only needs to answer the questions, offering a lot of new ideas to be used in the video.

  1. Reviews

Review videos are those in which a video creator gives their opinion on a particular thing. The thing in question can be anything, such as books, movies, games, memes, and so on.

Review videos are also posted under the name of ‘unboxing videos.’ Such videos involve unboxing a product while giving a review of the product in the same video.

  1. Challenge Videos

Challenge videos are videos in which a Youtuber attempts a certain challenge that has been trending on social media for some amount of time. Popular examples of such challenges are the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the bottle flip challenge.

Such challenge videos often also serve the dual purpose of spreading information about important topics as well. 

For example, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge had the primary motive of using celebrities’ influence to create awareness about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and also raise funds for organizations combating the disease.

  1. Streams

Streaming is a form of video that has been gaining massive traction lately. Streaming involves doing something live on a camera and broadcasting it online for everyone to see.

Stream is getting popular because it gives viewers a chance to interact with the video creators that they adore in real-time.

Streaming is majorly done for video games, but a large chunk of Youtubers use it for all sorts of other activities such as cooking, woodworking, painting, and much more.

  1. Highlights

Highlights are, at their core, recap videos for your channels. They are used for highlighting all major events that took place within a fixed time in the past.

The official channel of Youtube also posts an annual video known as Youtube Rewind, which serves the purpose of highlighting all major videos, trends, and creators in the past year.

Many YouTubers also make their highlight videos at the end of the year. They recollect all major milestones the channel reached in the past year and also announce their goals for the next year.

  1. Favourites List

A favourites list is a completely opinion-based video by a creator. It presents the viewers with a certain list containing the creators’ favourites.

The list can be about anything. It can be about sports, movies, actors, cartoons, or even video games. 

The video highlights what the best choices are completely according to the opinion of the video creator.

Final Words

YouTube is a glamorous door to having a fulfilling life and calls all those who are willing to get it. 

With many creators giving up their channels and saying goodbye to their audience, it is imperative that existing Youtubers should do anything to keep themselves afloat.

With the above list at your disposal, feel free to make videos to keep your streak of Youtube videos ongoing and never-ending. 

The true pioneer of social media can only be the one who has imagination and ideas to fulfil their ambitions. Use it wisely.

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