How to Access Your Courses on TTU Blackboard

How to Access Your Courses on TTU Blackboard :If you are having problems with your Blackboard courses, the first step is to contact Ashlee Murden, the campus coordinator for GPIDEA and AGIDEA. She will provide you with the necessary instructions to get started. If you don’t receive an email, you can also call the TTU Help Center. The help desk staff will be able to help you get started with Blackboard. Ensure you have a valid email address and use it to sign in to your course.

You can log into TTU Blackboard by entering your eRaider user name and password, or by using your Date of Birth and password. To access your courses on TTU Blackboard, you must have a valid eRaider account. You can also use Proctorio for face-to-face classes that have moved to the online version of the system. However, you must notify students about the Proctorio requirements before the exam.

You can access your courses through your Raiderlink portal, the university’s online learning management system. After you have logged into your course, you can access the course material using the TTU Blackboard. YoQu will need your eRaider user name and password to log in. You will also need to know the Date of Birth, which is used to authenticate students for exams. If you have trouble with the system, you should contact TTU support.

In addition to TTU Blackboard, the Raiderlink portal also has a number of resources for assisting you with your classes. A number of helpful resources can help you access the content you need in the most effective manner. For example, a student who is having trouble logging in can use the Helpdesk, which can be found on the TTU blackboard. If you have any other issues, you can call the helpdesk at 806-742-8042.

If you have any trouble logging in to your TTU Blackboard, contact TTU student assistance. They will be able to help you with any issues you may have. There are two types of Blackboard training courses: the development course and the live course. If you are having trouble using the TTU Blackboard, you can take the TTU blackboard training to get the most out of it. When you are finished with the development course, you can go on to take the Live course.

The TTU Blackboard Steering Group reserves Friday mornings for maintenance of the system. During this time, the system may be unavailable. If you have a face-to-face class, you can use Proctorio to take the exams. Be sure to inform your students before exams that the Proctorio is required for your exams. You should also have a good understanding of Blackboard’s functions to make the most of the features in your Blackboard courses.

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