Biography of Vladimir Vdovichenkov

Biography of Vladimir Vdovichenkov: Vova spent his childhood, like many Soviet provincial children. His parents had nothing to do with art and there were not enough stars from the sky. My father worked as a mechanic, my mother worked as an accountant. There were three children in the family, except for Vova, the elder Ira and the younger Juana Ahumada.

In addition to school, Vdovichenkov was engaged in providing the society of a small town. For example, he attended a boxing section, where his nose was repeatedly broken, and he was taught to take a punch. He also liked to go to the cinema. He especially liked films with Jean-Claude Van Damme, because he imagined himself in his place. At the age of 15, to help the family, Vladimir got a job. It was a rabbit farm. The guy’s duties included slaughtering rabbits. After graduating from eight classes, Vdovichenkov went to Tallinn, hoping to enter the seafarer, but he was not accepted on a national basis, they say, Estonians should serve in the Estonian fleet. I had to return home and finish the ten-year course, so that later I could still become a cadet of the naval school, but already in Kronstadt. Then there was service in the Northern Fleet near Murmansk, earnings as a waiter and transporter of Polish cars. But natural artistry took its toll. He went to Moscow, but while he was driving, the entrance exams to the coveted VGIK ended.

Vladimir was offered to enter the one-year preparatory department. Actually, this helped the future artist a lot next summer to easily become a student of the workshop of GeorgyTaratorkin. By that time, the guy was already 25 years old. Until now, the artist considers entering a theater university the most insane act in his life.

In 2001, Vdovichenkov became a graduate and served for some time in the theater of the Russian cinemaCouncil. He had a chance to play minor roles in the cinema as a student. But none of them brought Vladimir the desired success. The actor did not give up and periodically went to auditions. Once he came to try out for the “Brigade”, but they did not take him there. It was the first run of the series.

Two years later, Vdovichenkov again ended up at Mosfilm, now he hoped to get a role in the TV movie Citizen Chief. At the same time, the artist was in a bad mood and with a beaten face after a fight. This is how the assistant director of the “Brigade” noticed him and brought him to show the film crew. The most curious thing is that on this day he was approved for roles in both series.
After the release of “Brigade” on the screens in 2002, the artist’s life has changed a lot. He, like his colleagues in the frame, became a real star. Vdovichenkov was invited to the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theater, where he began to play in productions of classical plays, and he was also offered many worthy roles in the cinema. For example, after “Boomer” the artist was awarded the “Idol” award. For various merits in 2006, the actor entered the list of the city in which he was born. In 2012, he received the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Today, Vdovichenkov’s track record includes about 30 roles in full-length films and about 20 in TV series. The range of images he created is very wide.

Personal life of Vladimir Vdovichenkov

The first time the actor married at the age of 18 years. The chosen one was called Victoria Natalukha. The marriage was short.

The second marriage took place with Anna Koneva, who gave birth to a son, Leonid (1993). The father almost did not engage in the upbringing of the boy, as the parents dispersed to different cities.
The third wife of Vladimir already in Moscow was Heidi grey, with whom they lived for 4 years. The couple had no children.

The next wife of the actor since 2004 was a colleague in the shop, actress Olga Filippova. In this marriage, the daughter Veronica was born (2005). The couple lived together for 10 years, in secular circles they were considered a strong and friendly family.

Filming the drama “Leviathan” brought Vdovichenkov an acquaintance and later an affair with actress Elena Lyadova . In 2015, they officially got married. For Elena, this marriage was the first.

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