Learn How to Spot Fake Health Insurance Plans

When we are not well and have reached a condition where we have to be hospitalized, all that we want is some time to recover in peace. Have you ever imagined how will it feel if all that you have to think about is paying the high bills? Well, we all know that hospitalization costs these days are sky-rocketing. However, at the same time we cannot, we cannot avoid getting the right treatment. To avoid all such turmoil, the best option is to buy a health insurance policy.

As you purchase a health insurance policy, you will be avail of several benefits that come with the plan. Many of the expenses are covered under the policy. Also, the worry of standing in the queue to pay the bills can be put at bay. By taking a cashless health insurance policy, you do not have to clear the bill on your own. And if it is an emergency and you could not get in touch with the insurer on time, you can pay the bill and later claim for reimbursement. 

Nevertheless, these days you should be aware of health insurance frauds. Many times you will not even realize but you will come across such frauds. And at the time of claiming the sum insured, you will even feel more stressed since you will not get any financial support. Wondering how do you spot the red flags? Here you go:

Push sale

It is quite common that the salespeople will try to impress you with several features and benefits of the health insurance plans. They will try hard to convince you to take a health insurance policy. However, if you find them too pushy, you need to be conscious at that point.  In one such case, you must contact the insurance company that the salesperson claims to be an employee of. Also, if you have not heard of the insurance company, you must do proper research about it and then get in touch with them.

Insurance plans that offer outstanding deals

If a salesperson tries to sell you a healthinsurance policy that offers deals that are way too beneficial for you, you need to stop there and pay more attention. The health insurance plans may come with some deals but they cannot be impractical. Also, you must not go for a quick sign-up, no matter what.

A little too low cost

We all sometimes try to save money by taking things that are not too costly. However, when it is about an insurance product we should not always be going after one that is unbelievably low cost. There are higher chances that you are falling for a bug trap by buying a low-cost health insurance plan.

Benefits that seem unbelievable 

There are some kinds of benefits that are provided by more or less all health insurance policies. However, if you find them unbelievable, it can be a fake health insurance policy. As soon as you come across one, you should start finding details about it.

The insurance company not registered with IRDAI

All the insurance matters in the country are regulated by the authorized body, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India. Each of the insurance companies must be registered with IRDAI. If you find that the company that has approached you with one of its best health insurance plans, is not registered with IRDAI, you should stop right there.

If you want to stay away from all the fake health insurance plans, you should visit the website and look for the health insurance plans. You can compare them and choose one that suits your needs.

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