The Basics of a Car Wash

A Car Wash uses two distinct techniques to clean your car: manual washing and high-pressure spray cleaning. Hand washing involves hand-washing with a microfiber mitt. You can also use a bucket and high-pressure spray gun to wash your vehicle. These methods are both gentle on the paint and won’t damage the finish. A high-pressure spray gun can remove the smallest particles of dirt without damaging the finish. Both techniques will help you achieve the best possible results.

Before starting the car wash, you should always remember to rinse the car surfaces thoroughly. To make sure that you are not rinsing your car with water that will be too wet, try to focus on a section at a time. Start at the top of the vehicle, work your way down, and then move down. For best results, you should use a hose that has no nozzle, as this will create a sheeting effect that minimizes water pooling on the surface.

When you begin a car wash, the first step is pre-soaking. This involves traveling through a metal arch with nozzles that spray a cleaning solution onto the car. The solution loosens dirt on the surface and allows the washing process to proceed. You may also apply a tire solution and wheel cleaner to your car, which will clean the rubber on your tires. These are optional features, but are highly recommended for the best results.

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