Top 6 Perks of Regular Drain Cleaning

Top 6 Perks of Regular Drain Cleaning

Most homeowners rarely get their drains cleaned. They instead wait until they notice the water draining slower or blockage in the sink and toilets to get their drains serviced. Drain cleaning is important because it helps take care of minor mishaps before they turn into bigger problems, and it is also beneficial to your family and home.

Lowers the possibility of a clog

 Assume that you have visitors in your house, and they try flushing the toilet, but the water overflows into your bathroom floor and scatters to your living room. It may not be very pleasant. It becomes a significant problem when you allow a slow drain to develop into a clog. 

Proper drainage allows you to wash dishes, shower, and flush your toilet, but none of these things will be possible to do without it. You can attempt fixing it by using drain cleaning equipment like plungers or over-the-counter drain cleaners, but some contain dangerous chemicals that are unfriendly to the environment and people. But having your drainage cleaned frequently ensures that the chances of a clog occurring are low and reduces the possibility of a sewer backup.

Prevents damage to floors and walls

 The water from the clogged toilet or sink may infiltrate your walls or floors and cause severe damage to your walls. It might also get in the wallpaper on your walls, destroy your plaster, or get under your tiles. It may cause mold to develop and weaken your walls, which means they need to be taken down and replaced, which is very costly. And if the clog is not fixed, the chances of this recurring are high. Therefore, it is essential to have your drains cleaned to prevent a future occurrence.

Removes bad odors

 Many things go down your drain like, soap scum, hair, and other organic matter. Some of these components get stuck in your pipes leading to a minor clog. And due to its organic nature, it starts to degrade as bacteria eat it, thus creating a nasty smell that sneaks up from the drain. It makes it uncomfortable to shower in the smelly bathroom, and the smell might even reach other rooms. Regularly get your drains cleaned, get rid of the bad odor and the organic components stuck in your pipes. 

Reduces costs and speeds up the drainage

High cost is among the major reasons people don’t get their drains serviced. But contrary to what people think, cleaning your drains is cheaper than plumbing costs due to water damage or bad drainage. Hiring a plumber to clean your drain is more affordable than having to buy new pipes because of a persistent clog. Digging up to replace is pricey and inconvenient; thus, it’s in your best interest to have your drains regularly cleaned. 

Also, a persistent clog may cause slow drainage in your bathroom, sinks, or toilet, which causes a hindrance, hence why it’s vital to keep your drains clean. It ensures that the water drains faster and reduces your worries about a sink or toilet overflow.

Preserves your pipes

Corrosion or leaks may arise due to your pipes’ organic elements, grease, or other components. Cleaning your drains, get rid of the chemical build-up before it corrodes your pipes since it takes time for the chemicals to destroy the pipes. However, if your pipes are well preserved, they can last up to ten years with few issues. But if the chemicals destroy the pipes, you would need to buy new pipes, and if the problem is severe, you might also need to replace walls and floors, which is costly. Therefore, regular maintenance is encouraged.

Boosts your family’s health

Bacteria and mold thrive in slow and clogged drains, and if the water is not constantly flowing to force it out, the mold may continually grow. As a result, this might impact your family’s health and bring about infections, various illnesses, and other issues exposed to these organisms. Mold also causes severe breathing problems, and some are even deadly. A clean drain protects your family from bacteria and fungi.

 No matter how minor a clog or a sink blockage may seem, it is important to check them before developing into major drainage problems. Also, frequently ensure your drains are cleaned and maintained to prevent clogs, mold growth, pipe leaks which are very expensive to replace.

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