Documents You Should Bring When Buying a Car

From a current proof of address to credit history, it is important to know which documents to bring along when buying a car. According to Lantern by SoFi,”auto loans can vary a lot so it’s important to do your research” and having the terminology of car loans explained in greater detail can make it much easier for first-time buyers to make more informed choices and more successful decisions.

Driver’s License

A driver’s license will be required in order to arrange a test drive or to qualify for financing when purchasing a vehicle. Potential buyers who have moved to a new address recently would do well to ensure that their driver’s license has been updated. Bringing along a current utility bill, one that showcases both the account number and the name of the vehicle buyer, may also be a wise precaution. Proof of identity and proof of current address and residency are both essential to have on hand when it comes to buying a new car.

Car Insurance

A copy of the automotive insurance policy is another document that should never be left at home. Arranging to test drive a vehicle can be problematic for drivers who are not currently insured and attempting to secure an auto loan without a current copy of a driver’s insurance policy may not even be possible. Arranging for auto coverage through an appropriate insurance provider is often the first step towards purchasing a new vehicle, one that would-be buyers would be wise to deal with as early on in the process.

Down Payment and Proof of Income

Financing terms and conditions can vary from one dealership and vehicle to the next, but most will require a down payment. Determining, in advance, which form of payment is preferred can help to eliminate any potential delays or complications. Proof of income may also be necessary and may take the form of pay stubs, bank statements or other financial documents. Struggling to produce the down payment or being unable to provide proof of sufficient income could quickly become a major liability, one that could end up limiting options or leaving prospective buyers unable to make a deal.

Credit Score and History

Credit score and past credit history are also essential items to have on hand. While bad credit can often be an obstacle for buying a new car, arranging for a cosigner or offering to provide a larger down payment could make a real difference. Those who are considering buying a new car would be smart to check their current credit score or to learn about any options they may have for improving their credit history long before their first visit to the dealer.

Buying a new car can be a little complicated, especially for first-time buyers who lack experience with such matters. When it comes to arranging for an auto loan, learning more about the options available and ensuring that all the paperwork and necessary financial documentation can be provided can help to eliminate many of the most common missteps, complications and delays.

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