What can you do to safeguard your money when buying on Facebook Marketplace

Experts warn customers about fake AirPods: TAMPA, Fla. -Many people purchased their Christmas presents on Facebook Marketplace hoping to save some cash on second-hand items. Although many get what they want However, others end up being scammed due to the absence of rules.

“My sister was looking for an Airpod to give her for Christmas.” told Elisha Martin who came across the well-known Apple Airpods for sale on Facebook Marketplace. “He [the seller] stated that they were previously used. Also, you know 50 bucks off for a pair that’s used. It’s not unusual.”

Martin was doing everything you think a customer should do when purchasing a product from the person.

“I asked whether they were real and asked for the serial number.”

He stated that they had agreed to conclude the transaction at an Wawa at Town ‘n’ County , and all seemed to go according to plan.

“I took my friend along, and he connected the device with his iPhone and said, ‘hey they seem legitimate. They were connectedwithout issue,” he said.

The only problem isthat they weren’t authentic. Martin was scammed , and was able to find out this after comparing the earphones he purchased with one of his buddies.

“We began to realize that there were many differences you could see in the tiny details. Then it also did not have noise cancellation. And when I tried to get him again, I was blocked,” he said.

What occurred to Elisha occurs to a lot of unsuspecting shoppers searching for a bargain. Here are three suggestions you can follow when you shop through Facebook Marketplace to protect your cash.

The first thing to do is pay via PayPal instead of Facebook Checkout because you will be covered by Facebook’s purchase security policy.
Then, you can meet the seller in the public space and conduct your own research to be able to identify counterfeit items.
Thirdly, review the profile of the seller for negative reviews. Also, avoid new made pages.
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