E-KYC Solution in Customer Identification Program

In this age, people ranging from a regular citizen to the proprietor of a small or multi-national business or a financial institute, everyone is a potential target of fraudsters and conmen. The absence of facial interaction gives leverage to scammers in coming up with a bunch of ways to deceive verification processes of banks and companies. 

An effective e-kyc solution for (Know Your Customer) verification implements IDV checks powered by AI and confirms all possible factors that a business or bank should be informed of, detects and flags false charters and records in seconds. An E-KYC solution is the highlight of the customer identification program globally with a couple of innovative technologies taking corporate infrastructure and the digital payment industry to new levels of brilliance.

Services Rendered by an E-KYC Solution

The automated authentication system covers a wide array of aspects with services of:

  1. Document Verification (Both personal and corporate)
  2. Age Confirmation
  3. Biometric Identification 
  4. Video KYC
  5. Address Validation
  6. OCR Engine
  7. AML Screening

Document Verification

The deed validation in e-kyc is swift and reliable, delivers output in real-time

  1. In online KYC, set of ID deeds is submitted online to the verifying bank or company including certificates like driving permit, statement of bank, national ID card, passport, and all
  1. The e-kyc solution with an effective and AI-powered OCR engine draws out the name, physical location, age, and other data and attests it with relevant national and global classified registers 
  1. The results of the document authentication by the e-kyc solution are drawn in seconds 

In KYB corporate verification, the entire process is performed the same way with additional data, jurisdiction code and registration number of the company.

Age Confirmation

In the same process, the age of the person can also be verified by confirming his/her date of birth from an identity certificate from the restricted regulatory data bank. This feature is useful for the organizations that provide their products and services at a qualifying age like alcohol, online gaming, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, and others. The e-kyc solution prevents minors and fraudsters from going through the age verification with its digital biometric identification screening.

Biometric Identification

The facial verification service of the e-kyc solution gets practiced in confirming the identity of prospects and detects spoof attacks, facial 3D masks, engineered false images or videos instantly. This is massively used in the financial sector and age-filtered industries as with a synthetic ID deed or a facial mask, scammers and minors can attempt to pass the verification gate. 

In the e-kyc solution, biometric identification streamlines the customer onboarding and from there at every sign-in and transfer of funds, the screening confirms the user by analyzing the facial dynamics with measuring its depth and the expressions being made.

Video KYC

This service is almost identical to biometric recognition. In this phase, the prospect gets confirmed by engaging in a live video call with a trained verification expert who validates the ID deeds, facial, and other non-physical factors in a brief period. In the e-kyc solution during the video call, OCR engine and biometric screening is integrated to deduce the final output of onboarding and the human agent on the basis of his observations concludes the decision.

Address Verification

In the e-KYC solution, the demographic position of a person or business is also verified in document authentication, this is for both local and foreign customers of a business or bank. It ensures that the prospect’s location is neither in blacklist or any sanction.

OCR Engine

The state-of-the-art OCR screening in an e-KYC solution is used for the confirmation of documents, age, location, AML checklist, and other than customer identification, the data capturing service is used for processing purposes and report making as well.

AML Screening

During the verification of the individual or business, the e-kYC solution confirms the prospect with a global AML checklist to get a complete description of its AML record. The involvement in any warning list or sanction, or even PEP record, notifies the verifiers instantly for decision-making

Features of an E-KYC Solution

Convenient Integration

The digital e-KYC solution is convenient to install into a working system. It does not require any specific download of any file or plug-in for performing verification checks

AI-powered Technology

The digital technology delivers precise conclusions supported by the binding network of multiple AI models that make verification checks in e-kyc solution accurate and smart to learn and filter false components. It is trained to detect fake constituents as a vast amount of such sample deeds are incorporated in it.

Verification Evidences

The e-KYC solution for satisfying the verifying business supplements proofs of authentic confirmation, images and video of the process and documents is always available for the business.


The KYC online verification attests identity certificates of individuals and other corporate records for availing businesses for risk-free customer expansion. The credibility of the digital verification system can’t be questioned as it gets used by regulatory platforms and national agencies for identification and investigation purposes. The entire framework of an e-KYC solution is convenient and the process takes no time to deduce final results. 

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