Most expensive foods in India

A little indulgence doesn’t hurt anyone, right? People look forward to having a sumptuous meal every once in a while. Once in a while for those who are into gyming and working out. For others, it becomes more like a frequent thing. Exploring food options in every new place has been every foodie’s dream. Although budget is not a constraint as people go out to grab a bite, still people like to make a note of the same so that they don’t go all overboard. Here are the most expensive food items in India that you can try for a change. We have prepared this list of popular places and the expensive food items you can get to relish at these places to put a full stop to your cravings. Check them out!

1) Gold Plated Dosa – We know it sounds crazy but to speak of, this is the Bappi Lahiri of all dosas of all times. There’s a place called Rajbhog in Bangalore which serves this majestic dosa for 1,011 Rupees. 24k edible gold is used to make this delightful yet royal dosa. There are other variations too of this dosa which includes silver dosa, chocolate dosa and more. Each one of which is sure worth your try.
2) Personalized Meal For Two – Chef’s Studio in Taj, Mumbai is sure to make your special day of love super special with its exclusive meal for two packages. You can ask for a special romantic candlelight setup to charm the evening and make a red carpet like appearance along with your Boo. The personalized survival and food offered by this place can be compared to none.
3) 30 ml Cognac – There’s a place called Library bar situated in Leela Palace which serves just 30 ml of cognac at a whopping price of Rs 1.5 Lakhs. Luxury at its best, isn’t it? It is said to be Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl which exists in about 50 cases in the entire world. Holding the customized decanter made of black crystal and platinum crafted by Baccarat is sure to ooze out nothing short of luxury.
4) Butter Chicken – Anarkali, Hyderabad serves a portion of butter chicken worth Rs 6000. It was said that the recipe of this butter chicken was invented by two software professionals, and it approximately took over 8 years to come up with. Adding black olives and coriander along with Evian natural spring water, Godrej chicken, Hunt’s tomato paste, Filippo Berio olive oil and Danish Lurpak unsalted butter as the garnish and ingredients is what makes this dish supremely expensive.
5) 13 Inch Pizza – We have all tried pizzas from Dominos, Pizza Hut, La Pino’s and from other such outlets, but did we ever come across a 13 inch pizza from Qube at the Leela Palace. Topped up with lobsters picked from Canada, thyme-scented mascarpone and an ounce of the top Iranian Beluga caviar is what makes this pizza so fancy. It has been accredited to be the most expensive pizza in the world.
6) Exotica – We have tried out the best cake shop in Delhi and in Lucknow, no doubt. But nothing matches the royalness as offered by this sweet delicacy of Lucknow called Exotica. The pricing of this royal sweet ranges from 50,000 per kg. It is made with blueberries, macadamia, hazelnut, pine nuts, saffron and mamra badam all of which is sourced from different parts of the world to give that authentic taste and favor to you.
7) Steak – Leela Palace Hotel serves delicious steak for worth 130$ which would approximately cost Rs. 9800. Leela Palace Hotel happens to be the most expensive hotel of India as it generates millions of revenue every year through its posh restaurants. Bistecca ‘alla Fiorentina’ is one of their specialities which happens to be a Grilled Angus T-bone steak served with a side of creamed spinach, potatoes and black pepper.
8) Rack of Lamb – Oberoi chain of hotels has a popular restaurant called Vetro which tempts its wide range of customers with New Zealand rack of lamb. It is one of the most expensive food connoisseurs which is imported by India every now and then. Other dishes are priced around the same range.
9) Meal For Two – Chef’s special meal at Wasabi, Taj Hotel in Delhi is sure to make you drool with its delightful meal packages. It is one of the premium places to get Japanese Cuisines in the form of a nine course meal which includes Kobe steak and oysters. The pieces may seem too much but it should be on your go-to list at least once in a lifetime.

So, these were some of the most expensive food items found in India that are sure to bless you with authentic flavors at a hefty/royal price. Go ahead and binge on!

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