How to Improve Your Android Gaming Experience

It’s such a wonderful time to be a frequent mobile gamer. Our cellphone screens have gotten bigger, and our devices probably have much more processing speed than ever before. 

Over the last few decades, the mobile gaming industry has gained popularity across the globe. This tremendous growth is all due to the vast technological advancements we’ve witnessed in the mobile computing industry in the last couple of years. Today, modern-day smartphones offer a variety of games that can be easily downloaded on your cellphones. From colorful toddler games to intense action games, the Android OS has all sorts of games available for you as per your liking. Now you can easily install all the heavy-duty games and resource-intensive applications on your device within no time!  

Although getting the best user experience in gaming requires you to have powerful hardware, sometimes it is still not enough. Despite investing in phones with loaded storage and RAM, a vibrant, large display, long-lasting battery, and first touch response, it might feel as if your gaming experience on Android phones is not extraordinary or up to the mark. It is a pretty common scenario. And if you are suffering from it, then fret not – we are here to help you! In this article, we are listing down the top five ways through which you can easily boost your Android gaming experience and enhance your performance.

Let’s take a look!

Switch to a Fast Internet Connection

If you are a frequent Android gamer, then you might already know about the effect of internet speed on your gaming software. When the internet is slow, your games keep getting stuck and vice versa. This is all because of the poor internet signals that fail to provide you with proper connectivity.

Because your gaming apps constantly need to receive and send data, you cannot afford to remain stuck with a slow internet connection at all. Therefore, you need to consider using a high-speed internet connection like Hawaiian Telcom Internet to achieve new high scores and to enjoy uninterrupted game-time. This is one of the best ways to ensure your online games run smoothly without any lag-time.

Besides its high-coverage internet connectivity, Hawaiian Telcom is also providing you with extremely affordable internet packages starting from $54.99 only. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and register for the offer now! (You will thank us later).

2. Turn On Force 4x

Force 4x is an amazing Android option that greatly enhances the overall graphics, and quality of your games. On most phones, this feature is automatically disabled in the setting as it drains the cellphone’s battery pretty fast.

However, if you are not concerned about your battery, and you want to take your Android gaming to the next level, you can always turn this feature on manually. Just keep in mind that not every phone is going to support Force 4x. But if your phone does, here’s how to enable it:

  1. Go to the Settings app, click on About Phone, then tap Build number seven times. Now your phone is going to show ‘you’re a developer.
  2. Head back to your main settings menu and tap ‘System’.
  3. Now tap Developer options.
  4. Finally, find the option showing Force 4x MSAA & toggle it on.

3. Remove All the Junk

There’s nothing worse for your phone processor than tons of junk files and a series of unused mobile apps. The more you will store on your phone, the slower it will get.

Because your Android phone keeps collecting junk content from various sources, you need to delete all the files and applications that you no longer use. It will help to improve your phone performance and speed. This enhanced processing will definitely result in fast-gaming speed and improved graphics.

You can also use a built-in feature on your Android phone to spot the unused files and to collectively delete them from your phone. Here’s how you can use this feature:

  1. Go to Settings on your phone, and click on Storage.
  2. Tap the ‘Free Up Space’ option.
  3. Select the apps/files that you don’t want to use anymore, and tap Free Up Space in the bottom-right.

Use a Game Booster App

With an increasing number of people playing games on Android phones, there are now specific apps to optimize your cell phone for gaming.

 There are various game booster apps on the Google Play Store that allow you to play games smoothly, without any lagging. These apps also provide you with automatic shut-off notifications so you don’t get distracted while playing. Now you don’t need to manually cater to each option, as the app already does that for you with a single tap. However, you need a stable internet connection to download these game booster apps on your phone. You can always opt for responsive, high-coverage, and affordable internet service providers like Spectrum to enhance your gaming experience. Call now at Spectrum phone number to get more information about their incredibly affordable internet packages. Their customer services representative will make sure to provide you with a prompt response to all your queries.

Keep the Mobile Device Updated

For enhancing your overall gaming experience, there is always an obvious need to check your device and ensure all the games are being run on the latest and updated software. You need to ensure that your Android device gets regular updates and is not outdated, as it can cause trouble in game processing. Android updates play a vital role to keep your device secure and providing you with improved graphics, and enhanced speed while gaming.

The Bottom-line

All the above-mentioned tips have been tried and tested by our professionals. These tricks definitely helped us to improve our overall gaming performance on all types of Android devices. We hope these techniques turn out to be beneficial for you to know more about the hidden options and features that Android devices have. These tips will not only speed up your Android processing but also increase your learning about different features present in your smartphone that you had never explored before. Happy gaming!!

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