Does Exness have NASDAQ? It is the question asked from a large group of people who will join Exness or want to begin trading on NASDAQ. The Exness NASDAQ is highly popular as it has excellent volume and volatility. Furthermore, it is supervised by the Federal Exchange and regulated by US authorities.

So, now you have come to the fact that Exness has a NASDAQ. If you want to know further details about Exness NASDAQ, dive into the article without further delay.

What is Nasdaq?

Before explaining about Exness Nasdaq, it is highly significant to define Nasdaq clearly. In 1971 it started operation and was the first electronic stock exchange. In addition, owing to the high concentration, it was leading the stock exchange. Although there are a lot of equity indices now globally still NASDAQ 100 manages to maintain its stardom and popularity. Traders that are located in South Africa have the choice to trade the NASDAQ 100 by using CFDs.

How to start with Exness NASDAQ?

If you are planning to start trading on Exness, then here are some steps that you must follow.

  • Become part of Exness by creating an account
  • Now, download either MT4 or MT5 and log to it too.
  • By double-clicking on NASDAQ (USTEC) from the market, watch open a trade.

Market hours when Exness NASDAQ is operational

When it comes to trading activity for NASDAQ 100 it usually takes place between 9:30 to 16:00 EST. But in the case of NASDAQ index price calculation, the working hours are 14:00-19:30 EST. It also happens during the pre-market(4:00 to 9:30) EST.

Calculation method of NASDAQ 100

The NASDAQ 100 depicts the individual companies as well stock market indices in the same way commonly. Subsequently, throughout the day, the index will fluctuate due to changes in their stock prices.

Now, let’s shed light on the procedure of calculating the value of the NASDAQ 100 index. You have to multiply each security’s last sale price with the index share weights, and after that, you have to divide it by the index divisor.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that if you want to trade on NASDAQ 100 index, then it is highly significant that you must be in the list of Global Market tier and NASDAQ Global Select both. Here we want to jot down some requirements that every company should fulfill to make their name to the NASDAQ list.

Firstly, it is suggested to trade at least two hundred thousand shares daily. Secondly, the public offering must have been done almost three months before. In addition to this, you need to have an annual and quarterly report.

Can you purchase NASDAQ stock?

Most people are concerned about whether they can purchase stocks on NASDAQ or not. If you are one of them, then bear in mind that you have the opportunity to buy shares of both NASDAQ and NYSE. After buying, you can sell it on public exchanges.

Final Words

Well, that is all about Exness NASDAQ from our side. We are optimistic that the information included in this article will surely assist you in clearing your concept about NASDAQ Exness. If you have any queries, you can surely ask in the comments section.

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