How To Sow Herb Seeds?

All herbs are easy to plant, require little attention, and will guarantee you a versatile garden.

Herb Seeds

For the cultivation of herbs, there is no need for a large garden. In addition, sowing can also take place very well on balcony pots or on the windowsill. In that case, it is important that there is sufficient light and that the pots have a good drainage system. Prune the plants regularly to avoid the appearance of branches that grow in the direction of the light.

Sowing Herbs in the Garden

If you choose to sow garden paradise seeds in the garden, make sure the soil is well-drained, and that it is neutral or basic. The most suitable terrain is also muddy. If the soil is too acidic, then add limestone 2 weeks before sowing. If necessary, use compost to improve the drainage and moisture retention capacity of the soil.

Sowing Herbs in Pots

The advantage of planting in pots is that they do not take up much space and can be moved easily. In winter, it is also recommended to keep the pots indoors and create enough space for the plants to grow. 

You can plant several species of seeds in a single pot, taking care, in this case, to flare every year in order to give the roots sufficient space. Potted herbs also benefit enormously from drainage, so the water must have easy escape routes. 

Use a pot with holes in the bottom and arrange pot fragments with a layer of gravel or sand around them. 

Do not use garden soil but soil to provide the necessary nutrients. Add fertilizer 4 weeks after the growth period and repeat the operation every week.

Sowing Herbs in the Garden

If you choose to sow in the garden, make sure the soil is soft enough, thus promoting optimal plant growth. Sowing must take place in spring when the soil and the air have sufficient heat. 

If you still want to sow earlier, you need to cover the ground with plastic a few weeks in advance. The seeds are scattered on the ground and then covered with a layer of earth twice as thick as the seed. Germination can be accelerated by covering the seedbeds with plastic bottles without the bottom and cap.

Sowing Herbs Indoors

The big advantage of planting indoors is that it can be done early. To avoid the onset of diseases, clean pots and containers with sterile soil should be used. Moisten the soil and cover the container after planting with black plastic or a glass plate covered with newspaper. 

Check regularly for the appearance of sprouts. If the seedlings are large enough to be grasped with your hands, you can carefully transplant them into pots covered with soil. 

Eventually, these can be taken outdoors, but in this case, it is important that the plants gradually get used to the external environment. So protect them from the cold and bring them back inside at night. 

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