GoDaddy is one of the most popular sites to join a new domain for a website and email address. It’s definitely the number 1 domain registrar within the U.S. with the aid of far. It additionally likes you to sign up for many other services in conjunction with your domain name.

while you join up for a website with GoDaddy, you’ll get requested in case you need several different offerings, like web and electronic mail web hosting or SSL security. you may additionally get requested if you need Microsoft 365 (formerly referred to as office 365).

this could appear like a exquisite deal, particularly in case you compare GoDaddy’s price to the in keeping with user signup fee at Microsoft’s website. GoDaddy frequently gives great deals up front, but you may find out later that a deal isn’t all that it appeared to be.

this is mainly actual with a Microsoft 365 subscription. See, the price may also seem decrease for the same aspect, but you’re now not really getting the identical exact product as you will from Microsoft. There are several variations, that if you have more than a pair personnel, ought to emerge as inflicting you major problems down the street.

right here are a number of the motives why you don’t want to get a Microsoft 365 account via GoDaddy.

limited features

The account you sign up for with GoDaddy is designed for extraordinarily small agencies (much less than 10 personnel) or individuals.So, it offers you the fundamentals, however not greater advanced features that a small business can also want as they develop.You’re connecting to the apps thru a GoDaddy user interface (UI), which restricts what you can do and the aggregate of other apps. as an example, in case you try to purchase an add-in, including an Outlook plugin or an add-in for power Bi, you’ll get redirected to the GoDaddy Interface and get blocked.

weird Billing

Billing with GoDaddy can be complicated and complicated. in case you’re getting your domain, web and email hosting, and Microsoft 365 through the service, you can get separate invoices for different things.There are elective add-ons for advanced email security and email archiving that make billing even more complex.human beings also often locate that the attractive introductory charge ends up being a good deal extra when their recurring billing hits.

lack of Scalability

if you have more than 10 employees, you need to specifically contact GoDaddy for a quote from “one in each of our Microsoft 365 experts.Signing up through their service severely limits your capacity to grow and can mean a major ache in case you need to feature on that 11th user and then discover you need to cancel your current account and try and migrate to a brand new one.There are a couple of horror stories on Reddit related to issues seeking to migrate off GoDaddy’s version of Microsoft 365 onto a popular version. You’re pretty lots putting your self up for complications when you need to scale up by using having the GoDaddy version of the platform.

problems

because GoDaddy’s Microsoft 365 version is nested inside a GoDaddy UI, it causes troubles with such things as single sign-on (SSO) and different token-primarily based authentication clients and go signal-ins with different Microsoft an example, if you sign into Microsoft for side, Bing, or your windows 10 pc, you could become in a login loop whilst seeking to sign-in to your office programs (phrase, Excel, etc.) via the GoDaddy UI.

You Don’t Have the equal Admin Interface

you have a extra restricted admin interface through the GoDaddy UI for Microsoft 365, that could restrict the sports you need to an instance, one user desired to create an AppCatalog for SharePoint, and wasn’t capable of because of the distinction in GoDaddy’s admin panel and the fact that the option didn’t exist.this will add greater frustration on your admin crew who can be burdened as to why on Microsoft’s support website online it’s giving them step-through-step instructions on a feature, and they don’t see the equal options of their GoDaddy version of the admin panel.this is another instance of the way it’s now not truely an “apples to apples” comparison to the Microsoft 365 that comes through Microsoft when you’re evaluating subscription expenses with GoDaddy.

you may Run Into other issues

Getting stopped by way of a licensing hassle after you reformat a computer and attempt to log returned into your subscription or a war whilst you’re trying to get entry to other Microsoft services may be a real drag on productiveness which you never predicted.

whilst you’re going through some other agency’s UI to get to multiple Microsoft 365 apps, you are sure to usually run into troubles that have you ever losing hours on the smartphone with GoDaddy help.


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