How to Overcome the Language Barriers in International Business

As any new business entrepreneur will tell you, starting up a business can be testing times. The process entails doing research about your market, budgeting the size of the business launch, hiring new employees, getting permits improved, etc. Now take that and multiply it by 100 x and that may put things into perspective of how it feels to launch a business in an international market.

Besides the known factor of the start-up costs, what is the one element that worries businesses the most when launching into a new market? It is a barricade called language. Conquering the issue of language differences can throw many companies in for a loop. Therefore, many put their trust in translation agencies in Arab, especially in UAE to help them with this hurdle. For others who may not be ready for the collaboration, you can start with some of these steps.

The Six Steps to Success

It may come as a surprise, but English is not the most spoken language in the world, in fact, it does not even come a close second. So, what can you do to better prepare your business for the global market? Ensure these six steps will be a good starting point.

     1.     Educate your Employees

  • Whether it is your first venture into international waters or you have sailed on this route before, the benefits of having a well-trained crew are infinite. A study done by the company, Rosetta Stone, brought forth the fact that 63% of high-ranking office staff in the United Kingdom and Germany believe that their employees can develop their multilingual skills.
  1. Be Focused
  • Start out small. It is always better to test the waters, rather than dive in headfirst. Do your research and hone in on one international market. In doing so, it will be easier to cross the language barrier as it is easier to train your team for one language as opposed to multiple ones.
  1. Develop Clear Communication
  • Establishing a business in a foreign market is difficult enough due to language differences. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the communication between your team is not lost on the way.
  • Set out clear guidelines of the process for every step.
  • Creating a glossary of commonly used terms and phrases in your business will also guarantee an easy transition into the international market.
  1. Collaborate with a Professional
  • You are going to have your hands full with various tasks involved in expanding a business, hiring any professional translation companies in Dubai can take one of the many burdens off your shoulders.
  • For your collaboration with Arab translation services, we recommend you find a team that offers at the minimum of in-house translators, subject-matter experts and at least caters to more than 10 languages.
  • The in-house translators can provide culture-specific translations, while the subject-matter experts can ensure field experts do your translations, and lastly pursuing a company that caters to multiple languages allows for a continuation of the partnership for any future business expansions.
  1. Use the World-Wide-Web to Your Advantage
  • When it comes to eliminating a language cross-connection, there is no better method than developing a website in the local language.
  • A well-developed website can start laying your business foundation even before you step a foot inside the international market.
  • The website will allow you to communicate with your audience in advance, get them excited for your product, and allow you to obtain feedback of possible changes that you may need to make.
  1. Innovative Communication Methods
  • Your company should develop creative methods to communicate with the local audience.
  • Besides that usual method of brochure and pamphlets, try using more interactive methods such as various social media applications, online portals, or even e-learning modules for new employees.

Are you still finding yourself second-guessing? Here are some key components to take into consideration when choosing a translation agency in the Middle East.

  • In-House Native Translators – Unlike many translation companies, we hire all native-speaking translators.
  • Subject-Matter Experts – We at EuroLingo go the extra mile and hire experts from the field itself. Whether it is your financial or medical document translation needs, we would ensure an expert who has a minimum of five years of experience in the field handles your project. This guarantees that there is no room for error as they will be familiar with all the special terminology required for the matter.
  • Fast Turn-Around Time – No matter the size of your project, a pro firm should promise clients a speedy delivery. On client requests, they should be able to handle projects over the period of one night.
  • A Quality Product – Being ISO 17100 certified there is a strict code of conduct that we follow allowing us to provide a quality end project with the most precision.

 No More Barricades

                With the advancement in technology, crossing a language barrier has become easier. However, each language is unique across the globe so there is always a risk of somewhere getting ‘lost in translation’. Collaborating with a professional translation agency in the Middle East can help you get to your destination in a smooth manner.

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