Top 5 Military Exercises for Beginners

Being a soldier means your body must be shaped and fit. It is the requirement of military to be in a shape as military needs you to become someone who is reliable in the minutes of life and death. The body of a beginner needs shaping and here are top five military exercises and workouts that can help you in this regard.

  1. Running
    While talking about the top military exercises for beginners, running is placed at the top of the list. The reason is that it is the most suitable way of boosting the cardiovascular health. It increases the blood flow and activates your muscles. A workout of four mile daily is optimum for ruck marches and is a primary exercise among the top military workouts for beginners.
  2. Squats
    According to experts, squats are the best military workouts for beginners to build strength. Military trainings might be intimidating for some beginners but the fruit is matchless and squats are the finest mode of military exercises for beginners. These work out your legs, back, core and upper body too. Squats add strength to the body muscles and are greatly suitable exercises for beginners in military trainings. This exercise keeps the lower body fit and shaped. It strengthens the muscles of lower body and is immensely effective if performed properly.
  3. Push- Ups
    Push-ups are categorized as the most flexible exercises because these can be varied according to the comfort level of the person. These are considered basic military workouts for the beginners who can definitely adopt this exercise to remain fit and according to the demands of military. It is most suitable due to its flexibility. A gradual increase in the number of push-ups and repetition of the exercise can bring a healthy impact in the body of the soldier. A military man needs to be a best fit for army and for this purpose, he is required to be in a most suitable body tone.
  4. Planks
    A famous exercise in military is the plank. It makes the muscles of shoulders, abdomen and back stronger and healthier. It strengthens the muscles of the core that protect our spine. Due to this reason, planks are a compulsory part of the list of best military exercises for beginners. Body toning and shaping is enhanced when planks are done as instructed. Tip is to keep the back as straight as you can and gradually increase the holding time with the added strength to your body.
  5. Crunches or Sit-Ups
    A soldier should have a toned body with no protrusions so as to become a best fit for the life and death situations. For the abdominal toning, sit-ups or crunches are one of the most fitting exercises among the top workouts for military beginners. There are several varied versions of crunches but they involve the movement of upper torso while lying with the feet fixed in place. These are greatly helpful in toning the abdomen.
    Exercises play a vital role in healthy lifestyle. Armed forces have special trainings for their soldiers that include fitness exercises that keep the army men efficient, healthy and ready-to-fight at optimum level whenever called. Discussed above are a few of the best military exercises for beginners that keep you active and in good trim.

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