Startup job portal KillerLaunch says it will double its revenue in next 6 months

Takeaway: Finding a good and genuine startup job in today’s time can be a bit difficult. Many sites promise to provide good startup jobs, but people often get cheated. Keeping in mind all that, KillerLaunch is helping recently passed out students and freshers to find good startup jobs and internships in just a click. 

The platform has the main aim to uplift and empower Indian startups. 

KillerLaunch is a very simple and easy-to-use website that can be used by job seekers to find a suitable job or study for a job on the platform. 

Why should you join KillerLaunch?

The platform lists student jobs and training from thousands of certified companies from a variety of industry backgrounds. Allows you to apply its filters to improve the results according to your preferences.

KillerLaunch provides a great hiring experience for its users, which is why users can search, use, and communicate with the employer via the platform from anywhere. All communication between the employer and the start of the job search takes place in the platform itself through its messenger.

Get an excellent job from homework and study work to revive a top job with an Indian internship portal and give your job a proper killer presentation. Don’t let the epidemic ruin your dream job. Join KillerLaunch, and take your first step to build your dream now.

KillerLaunch planning to double its revenue in the next 6 months:

With the increased demand for KillerLaunch among the recruiters and candidates, it is now receiving immense support from the people. KillerLaunch has already established the dreams of many startups in India with its easy recruiting process and smooth hirings. Not only that, even many candidates have been placed in their dream startup jobs and provided a kick start to their career!

All this happened in this pandemic when most people lost their jobs, and many companies stumbled down. But the one thing which didn’t stop and keep working day and nights were startups! 

Startups provide a boost to the country’s economy and also helps in increasing employment. In a country like ours, where there is much youth, startups are much needed because of the increased demand for goods and supplies.

So, KillerLaunch made this dream come true by acting as a bridge between the amazing startups and the deserving candidates. Hence, KillerLaunch has said that it will double its revenue in the next 6 months. It means that we will be seeing many more good opportunities and offers from the KillerLaunch team! Exciting, isn’t it? Not only that, but KillerLaunch is all set to launch its mobile app also! 

Finding a good startup job was never so simple before KillerLaunch! So join KillerLaunch today!

Best choice for your startup- KillerLaunch

While the platform helps job seekers get more opportunities, it has been instrumental in helping companies find the right talent. It allows employers to compile a free job opening and training list, where job seekers can check and use to submit their applications with a simple filtering option. 

This feature also allows users to fully control what employers can see in their system and profile. This helps employers and job seekers to save time and reduce the number of people who are better suited to roles.

However, getting a good intership can be quite daunting. Not for KillerLaunch readers anyway. With a dedicated channel of student interest opportunities, students can find the right balance in their homes’ security, instead of knocking on various doors.

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