Combating mental health and turning into covid-immune – three compelling scriptures

If mental nicely-being is to flourish healthily, maximally and spiritually, particularly depression throughout covid, then our mental paradigms need adapting to include deeper stages of natural mental silence: consciousness which helps disease-loose recognition and purifying transcendence.

Humanity has developed beyond ‘copy n paste’ religious belief systems, changed now with mature impartial thinking — incorporated souls functioning through spiritually advanced intellects — a degree of cosmic cognizance through which the coronary heart ‘sees’, intuits [Reality] beyond falsity.

However, right here we should be careful, for, even as maybe leaving behind formal faith — for something motive — is a personal choice, abandoning god is not a desire even if we suppose we’ve jumped deliver; abandoning god isn’t always possible for the purpose of evolution and the innumerable legal guidelines of nature.

Evolution is a god-appointed technique — the transcendent which created the legal guidelines of nature. This transcendent energy, through the corporation of evolution, continues operating within each people, guiding unto more mature perceptions of internal truth as cut loose outer programming. In other words, notwithstanding ‘choice’ of maybe to depart formal religion, god-pressure, via evolution, unceasingly works inside absolutely everyone for the reunification of the human soul back to god — again to supply as spirit soul. More on evolution similarly on.

Self-transcendence – intuiting the sacred

Coronavirus has left many intuiting for sacred immanence within: self-transcendence in defeating covid by means of natural or religious way. Intuiting represents divine reaction to movement, to what we can do almost regards covid and intellectual health.

More than ever, emergence of religious leadership-understanding is called for globally. On this context, at person stage, the sacred within you desires you to create pure concept space in our own intellectual surroundings thereby develop self-immune awareness: grow fitness-emanating stillness whereby antibodies are hastily coming near near in setting up, no longer only an endemic-unfastened recognition going forward, however entire fantastic mental fitness by way of natural method. To this final results, self-transcendence simply approach growing above our worldly affairs – and related focus — in meditation.

At sensible stage, the shift from human awareness unto sacred attention — unto self-transcendence — involves best attuning our intellectual compass inward towards the world of transcendental attention in meditation.
Setting up transcendental attention in the long run will emerge successful in defeating covid, heralding the non secular-maintenance technique to complete intellectual / bodily health in our personal lifestyles, and globally going forward.

In organising transcendental focus, esoteric scriptures absolutely are the dependable manner on developing transcendental focus, whereby the born-into animalistic mind standard can go through alternate — alchemy from base degree ‘de-pressed’ recognition to function blissfully or, transcendentally in ‘ex-pressed’ cognizance. For that reason, in relieving symptoms of mental low energy or mood fluctuation, the name of the game lies inside the expression of bliss awareness.

In expanding this mental health topic allow us to decode three pivotal scriptures which have direct pertaining to such subjects plus decision of this pandemic with the aid of natural self-immune approach.

Luke nine-fifty eight states:

‘birds have nests, foxes have holes, however the son of man has nowhere to lie down and rest’.
This closely coded sentence is obviously now not supposed for literal floor interpretation. Except these historical words are understood esoterically then their hidden gain — of building intellectual fitness and covid resilience clearly – is lost at realistic stage.

‘birds’ here signify genesis ‘fowl of the air’, they represent decrease nature thought styles: non-soul serving thoughts-sets that have ‘nested’ inside the deeper thoughts, within the unconscious.

‘foxes’ represent cunningness, divisiveness, selfishness, as a result, no longer wanting to be uncovered, they disguise in secure locations – in fox holes — to deflect detection.

Consequently the ‘birds’ — decrease notion nature — have constructed ‘foxholes’ inside the deeper mind from where to propagate negativity and occasional mental energy.

What is ‘son of man’ when it comes to ‘birds’ and ‘foxes’?

Luke nine-fifty seven places it:

‘following’ biblical jesus way replicating the symbolism for which the identify ‘jesus’ stands, which is, ideal or ideal soul. In other words, jesus represents ideal mind, the spiritually enlightened consciousness – the god-given capability within every people.

The person in this scripture is symbolism for ‘son of man’, ‘son’ which means offspring of the thoughts’s lower nature – ‘man’ symbolizing thoughts.

So, as divine fame can simplest recognize itself thru itself, biblical jesus is revealing that the man (carnal mind) can’t ‘observe’ jesus, [Enlightened mind] as ‘son of guy’ into the kingdom of fitness, happiness and bliss attention, that such lower state of mind isn’t always well suited with divine focus.

‘son of guy’ represents a subconscious regulation of decrease thoughts and its non-religious dynamic, such as lack of awareness of the supply of mental / physical fitness and covid immunity.

‘son of man’ is symbolism for carry-over programming from preceding lives which conditioning is rooted in duality recognition, in opposites which includes top-awful, love-hate, like-dislike, viable-not possible, including poor or depressive attitudes regards recovery, health and happiness.

And not using a capability for relating spiritually or lovingly, lower nature in principle recognises most effective ill-fitness and negativity in place of immutable truth — inner healing, compassionate, transformative nicely-being and love-awareness expression.

Hence the cause ‘son of man’ has nowhere to relaxation or lie down is because it is not viable to accomplish that: now not possible for lower nature to relaxation concurrently in pure consciousness.

Involution — evolution in relation to ‘son of guy’

Humanity exists in cycles of involution / evolution without end: spirit descends – involution –into matter, forms the bodily body marking the beginning of ‘evolution’ the technique again unto wholeness. On this context, the human soul at beginning arrives with a non-spiritually advanced intellect, plus five senses of perception set at animalistic general. We come here with the preliminary ability of experiencing in carnal feel awareness only, the involution stage via which we evolve and ascend as better recognition.

Geared up initially in experiencing through animalistic popular of notion, we’re born with a non-discerning intellect which interprets ‘reality’ via conditioned attention. For that reason, like caterpillar-butterfly metamorphosis, evolving out of this son of mortal man cocoon unto everlasting son of god attention and past, is the cause of our lifestyles on earth. Through this seemingly impossible carnal/cocoon involution, humans come to be converted from ‘son of man’ unto angelic son of god, thereby further soul evolution unto better states of spirit focus.

From the involution / evolution angle we are able to see that people must additionally come to earth with a non-fully advanced immune system.

In the context of developing self-immunity – of defeating covid naturally — meditation absolutely is key and critical.
Ignoring the soul’s craving for non secular evolution and superior intellectual health is causal of almost all human intellectual struggling, suffering which has its genesis in residual continual pressure and shortage of higher-self-expression.

Until we awaken consciously from this involution slumber, the human soul stays underneath unconscious regulation, for that reason preserving ‘son of guy’ wellknown in perpetuity: conditioned intellect without capacity of non secular discernment, without resolute mental attention. As a result, no vicinity with a purpose to deliver the thoughts that which intuitively it is looking for, that of eternal bliss-fitness cognizance now.

Meditation and the immune system

Stress compromises the immune system, while, meditation — by generating greater degrees of antibodies to reply to and save you ability viral attack — produces immunity. Therefore, with the aid of organising transcendental focus and a stress-free body structure, normal day by day meditation releases mature t-cells, lymphocytes or antibodies from the thymus gland to shield in opposition to foreign antigen invasion.

Meditation interrupts the cause cycle of intellectual dis-ease and temper fluctuation. On this context, bypassing ‘the transcendent gift second’ in meditation is a expensive mental health oversight.

The reality is, intellectual properly-being exists already within as capacity bliss-cognizance — most effective desiring infusion into the thoughts. With the aid of dissolving residual unconscious strain, meditation expands the mind’s conscious capability of withstanding ever-deepening bliss-natured silence.

Mind-centring disciplines inclusive of yoga and mantra meditation are valuable in setting up intellectual balance, mind coherence and potential of complete attention. Thus, awareness is an outcome of meditation and not a requirement for its exercise.

Meditation is seated yoga called raja (royal) yoga (harmony). On this context, silently inner listening to the sacred sound aum would be an brilliant sound vibration for mantra meditation and intellectual stimulation.

Jesus said: after judas (son of man / decrease-ego) had left (while the fox have become exposed):

Biblical translation: whilst ‘son of guy’ popular becomes surrendered in meditation, higher thoughts (‘him’) ascends unto ‘son of god’ — awakened to the sacred inside. ‘son of god’ is a biblical title given unto souls who, through inner meditative method, have conquered goliath – ‘son of guy’ inside — thereby redemption, salvation or, transcendence of human soul unto transcendental everlasting attention.

Accordingly the light which rids ‘son of guy’ darkness — de-pressed focus — conveniently establishes bliss-mental-health-focus, to encompass natural immunity to covid.

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