Top 5 Ways Make Money As Graphic Designer

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to make money online.

This article will give you some ideas on how you can make money doing the things you love. These are easy to start, believe it or not.

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My first job was in graphic design. I was a lead designer in an advertising agency.

I loved designing and creating graphics. After a few months, however, I decided to quit the job. I was not happy at the agency.

It was a completely new concept to me back then that anyone could make money online. If I had the information I now have, I could have made enough money to support my family.

These tips and ideas are shared so that you don’t have the same difficult road I did. Check out the suggestions below and get to work!

1. Offer a Service

The best way to get paid for your skills is Freelancing, online or offline, as a graphic designer. However, just by taking an online course or watching a few YouTube videos doesn’t make one a professional designer. To improve your skills and practice to make a name for yourselves, you must work harder. The most important factor in Design business is finding your niche. You can also find a niche in graphic design that you are interested in and then focus your efforts on learning as much as possible about it. Instead of calling yourself a designer who does all types of work, you can focus on one niche such as Twitch emote. You can create a service that designs Twitch emotes specifically for gamers. This is how you can target a specific audience. This will make it easier to market your service and find clients.

2. Get started With Templates

Selling templates is one of the fastest and most lucrative ways to make money in design. Templates such as logo templates, brochure designs and PowerPoint templates are in high demand. You can make a few templates of high quality and then sell them on marketplaces such as GraphicRiver or Creative Market. You want to make millions this is the place. This requires skill. These marketplaces won’t accept every design. Each submission is subject to a review and they only accept the most outstanding designs. Just focus on improving your skills.

3. T-Shirts for Sale

Another great way to make a little extra cash is selling custom T-shirts. Shopify allows you to create a shop for your custom printed T-shirts. You can also sell your T-shirts on platforms such as Redbubble and TeePublic, without the need to manage inventory, shipping or taxes. My sister sells her designs through TPublic, and earns money each month without having to work. That’s a solid passive income strategy.

4. Teach a Course

Visit Udemy to see how many graphic design courses have been created over the years. Even very basic courses can generate thousands of sales. You can think about it: even if a course is sold for $12, and Udemy takes 50%, you only need to sell 1000 courses each month to make a decent income. It won’t be difficult, considering how frequently Udemy promotes courses and runs sales. Sites such as Udemy or Skillshare welcome submissions from creators. Instead of repeating courses that have been covered hundreds times, try something new. To create a course that targets niches, you should find a topic unique to cover. This is a surefire way of achieving success.

5. Get On Twitch

As I mentioned in the first chapter, Twitch graphics are in high demand. Twitch is seeing more gamers start streaming careers, as the gaming industry grows faster than Hollywood. Many of them turn to graphic designers for custom Twitch emotes and Twitch banner designs. This niche is great for making quick money. Learn how to create Twitch Emotes, join groups and communities for gamers, then connect with others to promote your service.

In conclusion

These are just suggestions. You are free to use your imagination to create unique products that will attract clients.

You will eventually be a successful graphic artist if you put your heart into every project you create. You never know, you might even be hired by a large company like Adobe.

Never give up, keep trying!

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