Is Arizona a No-fault Insurance State?

A no-fault state refers to a condition wherein an auto accident, and both parties need to take responsibilities for the accident. That is meant, both parties are at 50% guilt. And the insurance company pays for the damages of both parties.

To answer the question, is arizona a no fault state? Arizona is not a no-fault insurance state. After an accident, several factors will be considered to figure out who is at fault. And it will be fell under a personal injury case. The settlement will depend on the plaintiff and the defendant. Thus, the insurance company will pay for the damages according to those factors.

In this writing, we will understand Arizona as a no-fault state or not in a more detailed way. So, keep reading the entire article for more.

When You Will Be At The Fault In a Car Accident?

In an auto accident, who is at fault will depends on so many factors. The police officers will do the initial and primary determination. Also, your insurance company will examine the accident and determine who is at fault in that accident.

Until or unless the determination is made by the police officers or the insurance company, you have no way to tell whether who is at fault. But you can able to make a guess depending on some factors. For example: if you intentionally or unintentionally break any traffic rules while driving, you will most likely be found guilty. Also, a similar case can happen when you were using a mobile phone while driving.

Who is Generally At Guilt in a Sideswipe Accident?

Usually, a sideswipe accident happens when a car fails to notice the other car, and then they hit the blind spot of the other car. Generally speaking, this type of accident happens when the other car tries to pass the road. That is why the car that wants to change the lane first is the car that is at fault.

This is just the general and common scenario in the sideswipe accident. But in every accident, the situation and scenario will not be the same. For example, suppose you are driving in your lane at a standard speed, suddenly another car is aggressively trying to change the lane. As a result, it leads to a sideswipe accident.

Who is Generally at Guilt In a T-bone Accident?

By the name T-bone, you may assume the nature of this accident. These types of accidents usually happen at the intersection of the road. The road can be a three-way road or a four-way road, so if a driver fails to follow the traffic lights and violates the rule. Then generally, that driver will be considered as at fault.

And in the intersections of the road, when a driver violates the traffic rules and drives over it, then the T-bone types of accident occur. But in some cases, both drivers can be found guilt equally when both drivers fail to follow the right-of-way.

Who Will Determine the Fault or Guilt?

After an accident, this is one of the common thoughts that will come to your mind. And that is, who will determine and how it will determine who is at fault. So, primarily the police officers will come to the accident scene and examine all the present evidence and everything. Then they will determine who is at fault in that accident.

After that primary inspection, the insurance company will also examine the accident case as well. They have their own policies and strategies to determine who is at fault in an accident, But the judge will decide the ultimate determination. Depending on who is at fault, the settlement for the accident will also be determined.

Role of A Personal Injury Lawyer

After every accident, an individual may need to deal with and go through some legal procedures. That requires some documents and paperwork. In such a situation, if you are dealing with all these things for the first time, then it may seem difficult for you.

In that case, you can seek help from a personal injury lawyer as early as you can. Also, it would be best if you were careful while choosing your lawyer because there are plenty of personal injury lawyers out there. But you need to choose the one who is skilled and experienced enough.

The Bottom Line

An auto accident is always fallen under the category of personal injury case. This is because, after an accident, you may need to deal with so many expenses like hospital or medical bills, the cost for car repair, lost wages, funeral costs, and so on if you claim for a settlement to your insurance company. They will try to provide you with compensation that will recover all of those expenses.

To get the compensation, you need to prove to the court that you are not at fault for that accident. The one who is at fault will pay for the damages. And some factors play a huge role to determine who is at fault. Hopefully, this writing helped you to understand a no-fault state.

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