Facebook Video Tips: Free Ideas to Increase Likes, Engagements & Conversions

People watch more than 8 billion videos on facebook almost everyday. That’s approximately 100 million hours or even more of watch time. The statistics came in last year, and without a doubt, by now, the numbers must have doubled up on video watching or even more.

With so many individuals leaning towards watching Facebook videos, we often wonder why as a brand we are missing out on this particular opportunity. And the answer is pretty much evident, even though we do publish our brand videos, only a handful of individuals actually watch them.

Are you one such brand manager or social media enthusiast or a company owner who is struggling with getting massive likes, engagements & conversions on their videos?

Well here’s an article that will help you learn some of the best ways to do all that and much more.

So without further ado, read on.

Using Engagement Prompts
Are you the kind of person who prefers people commenting on your posts? Then choose a content type that encourages your audience to leave a comment on your posts.

One way to establish that is by leaving open ended questions. When you end your video with a question, there’s a high chance people start pondering what would be the answer to your question. And since, as human beings, we are attuned to responding to such posts and enlightening the world with our due contributions, our audience will eventually feel compelled to answer. The more they answer, the better our brand will get exposure in the online world. Not only does questions help in creating engagement but it also attracts the right people to your business. They may consider learning or making a purchase.

Such questions, in terms of marketing, are called engagement prompts.

Brands greatly capitalize on engagement prompts because it’s a noteworthy strategy.

Respond to Target Audience Shares
When it comes to social media shares, people are quite picky about what they should be sharing. They want their followers or friends to know the bright side of their lives so they only share things which positively inspires them or their audiences. In the wake of doing so, if they do get the chance to talk about your brand, then this deserves appreciation from your end.

Firstly, make sure to produce your content in such a way that it makes your audience feel better. Secondly, if someone shares your content and you’re tracking shares through social media analytics, take out some of your precious time to offer them some kind words of appreciation. A little shoutout from a brand can do wonders for your business.

Others can also feel inclined to take action.

Make Use of Square Videos
A recent analysis worth $1,500 indicates that a video only becomes successful on social media when it falls under the category of square videos. The research showed that landscape videos and other type videos preferably had less engagement, views and reach compared to square videos, may it be on desktop or mobile. We started pondering what’s the reason, like why exactly are square videos outperforming other types of content and we reached the following conclusions.

● Almost 92% of Facebook users access the Facebook app through mobile everyday.
● Video consumption through smartphones have increased by 233 percent in just a couple of years.
● Square videos take the lion’s share in the real estate industry topping News Feed on mobile.

As per why square videos are great for your audience? It’s because square videos take up significant space in your live feed. Whether you’re watching a video through a desktop screen or a mobile screen, square videos take up most of your screen. The chances of someone else’s content coming up besides yours becomes near to minimum. As a result, people don’t feel much distracted.

Use Product Animation Videos
Visual content reaches out to your audience in the most efficient way. The formula is without a doubt plain & simple. People love to watch videos and photographs instead of going through mind boggling narratives written by a brand manager or a social media enthusiast.

One way to get the most out of your visual marketing strategy is to leverage product animation videos. Animations done in the most effective way can result in showing personality behind your business.

Who knows your powerful video can encourage scrollers to stop in their tracks and have a look on your post. The right product animation video done by a professional can create that impact.

So these are some of the ways I believe brand managers & social media managers working at specific firms can create the perfect impact on your target audience. We all want to have a free mind brimming with ideas, but hardly many of us can bring the motivation to pen them down accordingly.

Are you a Facebook enthusiast searching for likes, engagements & conversions?

Do you have anything equally worth to share?

Feel free to leave a comment.

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