What you need to know about dental veneers

Have you ever heard of cosmetic veneers ? These are very thin coatings made of porcelain or other materials that are applied to the front surface of the upper dental arch in order to improve the appearance of the teeth and correct certain defects . These dentures are tailor-made for you because they must adapt perfectly to the tooth: your teeth will not change their structure and position, but it will certainly change the appearance of your smile. The dimensions and the shape will be studied to give the dental arch a natural appearance.

Digital smile design for your new smile

Do you know what Digital Smile Design is? This is exactly what the name suggests: the digital design of your smile. Yes, it is an innovative program that allows you to model the virtual reconstruction of your teeth. A series of photographs of your face, this software allows us to study the shape, size and color of the teeth best suited to your face. It is therefore an advanced procedure of dental aesthetics.

Above all, the outcome is up to you. It is thanks to the rendering of your smile, then to the infographic simulation, that you can observe your new smile and decide whether or not to continue.

The digital smile design program provides you with a digital preview of the aesthetics of your teeth before the application of dental veneers . You will then be able to evaluate in peace the final realization of your new smile

Why use dental veneers?

Have you ever seen white teeth, perfect white, pearly and immaculate?. Well, Hayatmed offers veneers in turkey, certainly on the faces of actors or famous people. Also try this one. Why did they use these veneers? The problems they wanted to solve may be different:

  • discolored, stained, or yellowed teeth
  • chipped, worn, or broken teeth
  • irregular or misaligned teeth
  • spaces between teeth

The advantages of dental veneers

Aesthetic veneers appear like natural teeth : even looking closely at the teeth, no one will understand that these are prostheses applied to the porcelain veneers faithfully reproduce each tooth, keeping its natural appearance and becoming invisible even for a seasoned eye.

The veneers do not pose any disadvantages : you will not notice them, you will not have the sensation of having a foreign body on the

Your natural teeth are preserved : veneers are very fine applications placed on the surface of the tooth, so they are not false teeth that involve the extraction of the natural tooth.

You will have a new smile : those who need veneers are for those who want to improve their smile and here is what you

You will solve your dental problems : as you may have read, dental veneers solve the problem of yellow, broken, misaligned teeth,

The 10 advantages of dental veneers

Brilliant smile : Veneers allow you to have perfect teeth with a healthy and natural look as they cover stains and other imperfections on your teeth.

Natural appearance  : these very thin porcelain shells adhere perfectly to the surface of the teeth and are invisible.

Durability and durability : Porcelain veneer is an extremely resistant material to stains, bleaching and food attack. So, with proper maintenance, you can enjoy your new smile for many years to come.

Personalized smile : we will send the dental impression of your teeth to the laboratory. The veneers will be made by hand based on the impression, as they must fit each tooth.

Immediate application : the application of aesthetic veneers is immediate and does not require any anesthesia or intervention.

Quick recovery : there is no recovery period: as soon as you apply the veneers, you can continue your normal daily activities and start eating right away.

Minimal invasion : there is no invasive treatment: compared to other dental treatments – such as root canal treatment, dental implants, fillings – the application of cosmetic veneers is not invasive.

Hygiene : maintenance is very simple: just brush 2 to 3 times a day, use dental floss and carry out periodic checks at the dentist.

Natural color : the color of the veneers will be created according to the natural color of your teeth, so as to give a homogeneous appearance to your teeth.

No reaction : the gum tissue tolerates porcelain well.

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