How is cPanel Incomparable for Shared Hosting?

A cPanel is unrivaled for shared hosting when we consider hosting management. It very easily integrates into the customer admin section to ensure that you get access to all the tools and resources. It really helps you efficiently manage your hosting service. A cPanel simplifies your hosting experience since using a hosting and cheap cPanel does not require any technicalities. Hence, it is one of the most popular options known for its best features, simplicity, and flexibility, making cPanel incomparable for shared hosting

Even though there are so many other solutions available for web hosting control panels, cPanel is simply built on a Linux platform, making it favorable to manage the entire website. Moreover, you can simultaneously manage several websites and keep your website’s whole backup with just one click. In addition, you can manage files and create different email accounts. cPanel comes with another added advantage of checking website server statistics as well as managing your databases. These features make cPanel an ultimate favorite. 

If you are still confused whether cPanel is the preeminent option for your shared hosting service or not, here are a few benefits that make customers prefer this unique control panel.

Easy Installation and Use

Considering the benefits of cPanel, you will definitely hear how easy it is to install and start using it since cPanel is known for its simplicity. All you need to have is a Linux system with around 20GB of disk space available. Moreover, you will need an advance computer minimum of 512 MB RAM. It isn’t a problem because most computers have that. The best part is that you do not require a professional’s help to manage on your behalf, making cPanel incomparable for shared hosting.

A hosting and cheap cPanel is not only easy to install, but it is also easy to use. The innate graphical interface enables you to manage a variety of common websites with just a few clicks. In addition, you can conveniently track your website’s performance, keep a backup of your site and calculate disk space. A cPanel ensures you it is as simple as possible.


Security is an emerging concern for all entrepreneurs in this digital space. If you wish to give your users a secure assurance of visiting your website. In that case, cPanel will ensure you a proper security system to encrypt files and add passwords and ensuring your website a sustainable and safe space to use. Shared hosting and cheap cPanel gives you the advantage of having control over SSL certificates to help you become trustworthy and secure for your audience too. 


Another significant aspect of using cPanel is that it is compatible with various browsers. Whether you prefer Chrome, Internet Explorer, or even Opera, you can conveniently run cPanel. It supports you with a range of third-party solutions helping you perfectly build your website faster. Whether you are looking for a blog or a new shopping cart, you get all you require.

Accessing Various Different Features

There are various components for running an effective web presence. Another advantage that makes cPanel incomparable for shared hosting is that it is full of great features. Thus it allows users to manage their websites and to host accounts within a few minutes, rather than hours.


Using a cPanel, it is easier to improve your server experience and ensure that your website stays up. Likewise, a cPanel can detect failed services, along with automatic reboot and restart necessary to get the system running. The cPanel service with WHM also has a DNS clustering system making it easier to track performance. Even if something goes wrong, you can run diagnostics to explore which server is having the most problem.

With such great benefits, there is no doubt in claiming that a cPanel is one of the most popular hosting service panels in the world.

Navicosoft for cPanel License

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