Why WordPress is Best PHP CMS and Its Advantages in 2021 ?

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to manage your website’s content (CMS). In other words, it is a content management system (CMS) that is used to handle websites, blogs, online retailers, news portals, and other types of pages. Web Development India is top WordPress development company in India that can design and develop to develop custom web applications on WordPress CMS.

However, what does this CMS accomplish?

As the name suggests, the CMS’s aim is to make content management simple and realistic. More precisely, its goal is to make it possible to create and edit website content without the use of a programming language. The aim is to make it simple enough for content creators with no prior coding experience to manage their entire portal, shop, or blog intuitively. If you are in search of an expert and  professional  website development India  than contact than Web Development India developers and they’ll be happy to assist you.

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This involves writing text, incorporating photographs and videos, and designing forms – not to mention the numerous options for customizing the website’s layout and functionality. WordPress’s proposal is to democratize website creation by allowing everyone to create websites ranging from technical blogs to larger pages for those who have a company, project, portfolio, or some other concept.

And with such an expressive domain on the market, it’s clear that WordPress isn’t just a success for small and medium-sized content creators.

On the opposite, the network was selected to host some of the world’s largest websites. This includes big brand websites such as the PlayStation console blog and the BBC America and Forbes websites.

How does it function?

Users can choose between two versions of WordPress: the WordPress.com website and WordPress.org. The first is a free service that hosts blogs and websites powered by the WordPress app. The second is an open-source platform that you can download for free from the official website and run on your own computer.

To use the platform for free, you will need a domain and a host (which we will discuss later in this guide). We won’t discuss the distinctions between them now because we’ll discuss them later. For the time being, it is critical to establish the presence of these two modes of WordPress use. Additionally, they use a very similar method. The application includes a site management gui. This screen contains multiple categories, each of which contains unique (and extremely useful) features for your website or blog.

Among these characteristics, we should emphasize the following:

  • Adding, programming, and editing posts for a website or blog as if they were written in Microsoft Word;
  • Inserting and editing media files, including photographs, videos, and audio files;
  • Adding new web sites, menus, categories, and tags;
  • Comments of visitors are moderated;
  • Keeping track of simple access data;
  • Editing the website’s layout;
  • Managing page administrators’ permission levels;
  • Plugins and extensions development, addition, editing, and deletion;
  • Data export and import from a website or blog.

What are the benefits?

If you’re still not clear on why WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet, you will be after reading this. We’ve chosen no less than seven advantages to demonstrate, once and for all, why WordPress is the definitive framework for anyone looking to create a website with dynamic content.

For those who do not yet have a blog can take advantage of the framework due to the following seven benefits:

1. Intuitive operation: you do not need to be a coding expert!

If you want to host or run a website in WordPress, you almost never have to think about coding or programming languages. Utilization of the system is very straightforward. For instance, when editing a document, you can bold words, explain a paragraph, or insert an image into the content using the buttons indicated by the platform editor.

HTML is one of the simplest types of code, as those who work with web programming are aware. However, if you are unaware of what this means, that is acceptable, as you would not be required to use it. The majority of WordPress features are accessible with a few mouse clicks – not a single line of code is needed.

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2. Convenient installation

Another significant benefit of WordPress is that you will not have to wait long to begin using all of its functionality, as the installation process is very fast.

This is one of the most highly regarded features on the platform’s website. WordPress’s installation time is known to be between five and ten minutes, which sets it apart from the competition. Not only during installation, but also during updates, WordPress exemplifies simplicity and agility. These tasks can be completed automatically and rapidly – much faster than the initial installation.

3. Extensive selection of plugins and extensions

Plugins are used to expand and enhance the user experience on a website, for both administrators and guests. For instance, some extensions enable you to build photo galleries, enhance website protection, and accelerate page load times.

In other words, plugins and extensions function as enhancers, enhancing the strength and power of your website or blog. However, the most impressive feature is the sheer quantity of plugins. There are currently slightly more than 50,000 of them available for installation, and the best part is that the majority of them are free!

4. Modification of templates without altering the material

Another advantage of WordPress is the ease of which a website’s configuration can be changed without affecting previously published content.

For instance, suppose you are unhappy with the current template of your blog (a pre-designed layout template). And if you’ve already written hundreds of blog posts, the move can be made without affecting any of them. The only thing that shifts is how this material is visually delivered to the public, a classic win-win situation that demonstrates WordPress’s versatility.

5. Mobile device compatibility

WordPress also provides access to its platform through mobile devices, in an effort to make it as simple as possible for its users. This way, whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, you can download the WordPress app and manage your website from anywhere. The cool thing about these applications is that they are compatible with both WordPress.com and WordPress.org websites.

6. Open-source software

This is also one OfThePrimary benefits of WordPress. The open source nature of the framework enables anyone to edit, upgrade, and customize its versions, themes, and plugins. Do you want to learn one of the most obvious advantages of WordPress being an open-source software? The platform’s conversion into Brazilian Portuguese was a significant accomplishment for the Brazilian WordPress developer community. Additionally, the majority of WordPress’s finances have come from user projects.

Of course, in order to change the WordPress code and configure your website, you’ll need some programming skills or the assistance of a skilled developer. However, it is a fact: with an open system and an active community, as is the case with WordPress, the platform has everything necessary to continue evolving significantly. This is also preferable to providing a system with its own support staff due to the opportunities for creativity and lower operating costs.

7. Constant revisions

WordPress provides so many updates as a result of the active involvement of the WordPress group of volunteer developers. Between 0.70 and 5.2.2 (released in June 2019), over 75 updates enhanced the system’s usability and security.

One critical point: WordPress updates can be configured to occur automatically on your device. While automated updates are more convenient, we suggest performing manual updates (we’ll clarify why when we discuss optimizing your website on the platform).

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