What are the best pipes for house plumbing?

Looking for plumber and drain repair wellington? Because your house pipes break everyday. The biggest problem of every house is when the pipe doesn’t flow properly or the pipe breaks. But if you are building a house and do not want to face such problems, then you should check out once in the market. There are so many companies who provide the best house plumbing pipes which will not bother you in the future. You will see several types of pipes in the market and you will get confused after seeing this. Like which types of pipe are used for drainage, sewer, water supply and for all exterior fittings?

Here are the list of best pipes for house plumbing

  1. PEX Pipe

This pipe is the most popular and newest in the market and it is cross-linked polyethylene. Basically, it is used for supplying water and flexible enough to weave throughout walls, basements and crawl spaces. This pipe is rigid enough to take the pressure of the water supply.


● You will get this at reasonable prices.
● Easily able to join with copper pipes.
● Cuts easily.
● Detectable Color-
Red for hot water pipes
Blue for cold water pipes
● Come with attach push-fit fittings


● Non- recycled pipes
● Can leak sometime
● Untested

  1. PVC Pipe
    PVC Pipe is a drain or vent line type of plumbing pipe. It is popular because of its lightweight and can easily handle other pipes.This pipe is easier to install than a hacksaw and miter box to cut.

● Clear diameter marked on the white surface of the pipe.
● Inexpensive and can be used for long term purposes.
● Can easily handle and work smoothly.

● Can’t be unjoined
● It degrades the sunlight
● If not installed properly then the pipe can be prone to leaking.

  1. Copper Pipe

This rigid copper is used for water supply lines within the home. This pipe is easily cut using a special copper tube cutter. It provides great water supply and it doesn’t come with any health risks.

● Heats Well
● Easy to recycle
● It stands up against intense pressures.

● Expensive
● Difficult to install

  1. ABS Pipe
    Full form of ABS is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is mainly used for drain lines. This looks much similar to PVC pipes but is not black and slightly softer. Whenever you want to use it, consult the local codes to ask them where you can use this product.

● Much stronger than PVC pipes.
● Good for underground use.
● Best pipes in cold temperature.

● Wraps at certain temperatures.
● Not permitted by building code.

  1. Flexible Connection
    Flexible connection is also known as flexi’s for short and used for final connection to any appliances. It is good for water heaters, toilets and sinks etc. These pipes are not permitted inside the walls or floors. It is used on gas & domestic water. It comes in many lengths & sizes.


● Great heat tolerance
● Unusually shaped areas.


● Much expensive
● Very thin and prone to breaking

Final Words

A house is made of many things. It is made of bricks, cement, roof, base etc. These all end up in making a house for living. But, inside these houses are the pipes. Without pipes how can your home provide water to the whole house. Obviously we need water in the kitchen and bathroom. But for a better water service all around the house we need good quality pipes. We can go for trenchless drain wellington for better water flowing through the taps. Before going for any pipe you should know everything about the pipes and its types.

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