The Do’s and Don’ts of a Road Trip

What comes to your mind when you say ‘road trip’? Fun and happiness, right? Travelling with your loved ones is certainly a great way to cover as many places as you can on a vehicle. As you drive down the countryside you can listen to your favourite songs, feel the air on your face, laugh with your amigos, stand and eat at quirky restaurants, meet new people, spot new places, have a camp and a fire, stand and click pictures ……
Hold those horses! Road travel is only fun if it is well planned. Uncontrolled traffic can be catastrophic! One has to take care of many things while on the road to maintain the Fun-O-Meter of travel and avoid the risk of car accidents and other catastrophic situations. Therefore, to help you better plan this highly anticipated road trip, we have listed the dos and don’ts of the road trip in an easy manner:

● Do some research: Knowing where you are going can help make it easier for you to make quick decisions about where to go and where to check? Poorly quick decisions often lead to missed opportunities, and no one wants to hear that “you should have been here yesterday”. So, it’s best to conduct thorough research about your destination to make the road trip more enjoyable and exciting. The more you know where you’re going, the more you can get the most out of the trip.
● Do stop for gas: Don’t stay on road as long as possible because this will push the gas tank to the limit. At some places gas stations become rare so fill up your tank when you are down to 25% of the tank. It’s also important to bring an extra canister of gas with you, this will give you more flexibility if you want to go off route. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck on the road without enough gas supply, making your trip less fun and pleasant.
● Do rotate drivers: A relaxed driver is a better driver. Taking three or four shifts can help you a lot. A driver who is trying to pass fatigue can end up endangering the entire team. Also, everyone is on vacation (including the driver) so it is not fair that one person puts in all the work while the others enjoy the view. Therefore, it’s essential to rotate drivers so each of them gets enough rest before switching. Doing so will ensure that you and your team will arrive at your destination safe and sound.
● Do drink plenty of water: We think of hydration when preparing for exercise or when fighting heat, but not so much when it comes to riding long distances. Have a bottle of water at all times. Drinking water is also a great way to stay awake while on the road and fight fatigue to increase your alertness.  

You can also bring some travel accessories: Although road trips can be fun, they can also be exhausting, especially if you’re behind the wheel. Because of this, it’s best to bring some travel accessories to ensure your comfort during the road trip. For example, you can take a neck roll pillow with you from this company or other sellers to support your neck or back when sitting during long hours of traveling. It can be used as a therapy to rejuvenate and establish better neck or back function. Additionally, you can bring other travel accessories, like a portable speaker, cell phone holder, storage containers for snacks, comfortable clothing, and a first aid kit to make your road trip more comfortable, extra fun, and fantastic.
● Do bring a proper map: As we live in the digital age, never take a trip across the country without a visual paper map. While cell phones are awesome for navigating and routing, they also rely on battery power and signal, two things you can’t guarantee. Bring an appropriate map, if possible. It is also appropriate to bring a sharpie pen to draw the route. With a map by your side, you can avoid getting lost on the road, allowing you to avoid worrying about getting lost and enjoying the trip.
● Do bring a spare car key and tyre: Always bring a backup car key – in case you lose one. Spare tyres are a must for road trips, especially if you are travelling to a remote area. There are tyre brands in Oman that are priced reasonably and won’t go too heavy on your pocket.

● Don’t sleep: When you’re in the passenger seat, don’t sleep. If you are sitting in the passenger seat with the driver it’s your responsibility to prevent the driver from falling asleep. Don’t sleep when you get to a gas station. Don’t allow only one person to drive.
● Don’t put your feet on the dashboard: It’s good manners to keep your feet on the floor. It’s also a lot safer. In case of collision, an airbag delivers force up to 880 pounds to the front-seat passenger. Feet on the dash may result in the knee being banged with the chest or face.
● Don’t drive tired: The driver needs to get good sleep the night before a long drive to avoid possible accidents. If you have a long-distance to cover, take a nap of 30 minutes so that your body can get the rest it needs.
● Don’t pack too much and stuff the car. Leave some room. And, when you leave, Don’t eat stuff that upsets your tummy.
● Don’t forget to get printed maps. If you are following a GPS, do so with care. Sometimes, GPS can provide the wrong directions.
● Don’t drive through towns during peak hours.
● Don’t drink and drive.

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