The popular app ‘Parlor’ is missing from the Google Store among the people who have been removed from Twitter

Google has removed ‘Freedom of Expression’ social networking app ‘Parlor’ from its Play Store for not deleting ‘objectionable’ content.

The Parlor app has introduced itself as a ‘neutral’ app and is very popular with people who have been banned by Twitter.

But Google has said that violent content was not removed from the app.

Apple has also warned the parlor that it will be removed from the Apple Store if it does not comply with Apple’s rules regarding content monitoring.

“We will not succumb to pressure from politically motivated companies, nor from rulers who hate freedom of expression,” said John Matze, head of the parlor.

Launched a year ago, the app ‘Parlor’ is especially popular in the United States among those who support President Trump and have right-wing views. The men have repeatedly accused Twitter and Facebook of unnecessarily censoring their views.

President Trump himself does not use parlors, but there are many celebrities on this platform.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of the state of Texas has about five million followers, while Fox News host Sean Hannity has seven million followers.

The app was one of the most downloaded apps after the recent US election, when Twitter and Facebook took action against misleading information about the election.

Apple says Parlor app helps plan US Capitol Hill attack on Jan. 6

But both Apple and Google have said the app violates their rules for monitoring content.

Google has confirmed in a statement that it has removed the parlor from its Play Store.

“Our policy is for apps to monitor the content provided by their users and remove inappropriate content that incites violence.” In view of the current situation and the threat to public order, we are suspending this app from the Play Store until they pay attention to their problems.

Apple Corps also warned parlors to improve their business or face removal from the Apple App Store.

Apple Corps has said it is aware of allegations that the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill in the United States was planned with the help of the Parlor app.

John Matze, head of the parlor app, said his app had no plans and that groups on Facebook did.

But Apple said its investigation found that the parlor did not effectively monitor its content, which encouraged illegal actions and raised concerns for consumer safety.

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